• Are your products listed on your website?

    We try to list all the items on the website to the best of our ability.
  • How to purchase downlights?

    If you are seeking to buy or replace downlights, we can help you better with the following information: surface and cuthole size (either in cm or inches) shape (round or square) light color (daylight, cool, warm white or tricolor)
  • I have a sloped/slant ceiling. Are there any ceiling fans suitable?

    Yes, rod type fans are suitable to be installed on sloped/slant ceiling. Electricians may need to use additional accessories to install the fan on sloped/slant ceiling. Kindly send a photo to our company Whatsapp +65 8526 6676 so that we can better advise you.
  • My house has a high ceiling. What length of the downrod should I get?

    If your ceiling is above 3m in height, we would usually recommend getting an extended downrod so that the wind can travel down better. These downrods are customized order in addition to the fan, so there is no exchange or refund. The electrician would not be able to cut the rod onsite as well. H...
  • My house has a low ceiling. What are the ceiling fans suitable for my home?

    If you house has a low ceiling, i.e. 2.4m or below, we recommend you to get a Hugger or low profile ceiling fans. These hugger fans are shorter in height and comes with lighting options. You can view our catalogue of hugger fans here.
  • What is the appropriate ceiling fan for my home?

    Ceiling fans are sized by their diameter measured in inches. This means that a 52 inch ceiling fan measures 52 inches, or approx. 132cm, across the fan motor and fan blades on either side. To find the appropriate ceiling fan for your area, we consider the following factors: Length and width of ...
  • What size of ceiling lamps is suitable for my house?

    We offer a variety of sizes and wattage for our ceiling lamps. Here's a quick reference guide for different areas of the house.