What is the appropriate ceiling fan for my home?

Ceiling fans are sized by their diameter measured in inches. This means that a 52 inch ceiling fan measures 52 inches, or approx. 132cm, across the fan motor and fan blades on either side.

To find the appropriate ceiling fan for your area, we consider the following factors:

  1. Length and width of area: There should be a 12 inches - 18 inches clearance space from the tip of the fan blade to the nearest wall. This is to ensure good air circulation, i.e. strong wind. If there isn't sufficient clearance space, the wind would not be ideal. Do take note of cove lightings, and floor-to-ceiling cupboards that opens outwards. These features would need to be considered when calculating the clearance space needed.
  2. Ceiling height: For ceiling heights 2.4m or less, hugger type fans would be more suitable. Click here to view our catalogue of ceiling fans suitable for low ceiling height. For ceiling height that are more than 3m, we recommend to get an extended downrod for the fan. The extended downrod helps to ensure that the wind can better travel down to the floor. Click here to view our catalogue of ceiling fans suitable for high ceilings.
  3. Number of fan blades: The wind generated from the ceiling would be concentrated just below the fan. If the area is big, consider getting a 5 blades or 6 blades ceiling fan. With more blades, the wind will be distributed to a wider area. With longer or more blades, the fan motor has more load and would have a lower RPM.
  4. Slant or Sloped ceiling: If you have a slant or sloped ceiling, kindly send us a picture to our Whatsapp number +65 8526 6676 so that we can better advise you. Installing a ceiling fan on sloped ceilings may require additional accessories. Let us check with the electrician on your behalf.

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