My house has a high ceiling. What length of the downrod should I get?

If your ceiling is above 3m in height, we would usually recommend getting an extended downrod so that the wind can travel down better. These downrods are customized order in addition to the fan, so there is no exchange or refund. The electrician would not be able to cut the rod onsite as well.

Here are our recommendations for downrods lengths based on ceiling height:

  • 3-3.2m: 6-8"
  • 3.2-3.4m: 10-14"
  • 3.4-3.6m: 14-18"
  • 3.6-4m: 20-30"
  • 4-4.5m: 40-60"
  • 4.5m and up: 60" and up

Kindly check with Sembawang Lighting on the cost of the extended downrod.

For ceiling heights 3.4 or higher, we would also usually recommend to get an Extension Base plate. Having the extension base plate will allow electricians to service, replace, or repair the fan at a shorter height in the future.

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