Warranty and servicing

  • Do your electricians do repairs or servicing?

    Sorry, our electricians only do installation of new ceiling fans and lights. We do not have the spare parts and accessories, e.g. remote, receiver, light kits on hand for servicing. Kindly check with your fan's agent for servicing needs.
  • How can I register the warranty for the fan?

    For most brands, except KDK, there is warranty card in the fan box. You can fill it up and post half of the copy. Please also keep a copy of the Sembawang Lighting receipt. You take a photo and save it on your mobile phone for future reference. If you'd like to register online, you can do so at t...
  • I am having issues with my fan. What should I do?

    If you are having issues with your fan, for example: fan remote spoil, fan pull switch spoil, fan is not moving, fan noisy, light kit switch spoil, fan slow moving, fan shaky, LED light faulty, any other issues kindly, contact Sembawang Lighting with your tax sales invoice number. We will liaise...
  • I need servicing/repair for my ceiling fan.

    For ceiling fans that are bought from Sembawang Lighting, you can reach out to us if you have any issue with the fan. We will liaise with the agent for servicing. Servicing will be done by the agent's technicians. Do quote or send us a picture of your Sembawang Lighting invoice.
  • What is the warranty period for ceiling fans?

    The major ceiling fan brands offer a period of free onsite service for customers. Sembawang Lighting is the authorized dealer for the brands that we carry, and we work closely with the agents to provide good after sales service. Onsite warranty refers to free servicing of parts, accessories, tra...
  • What is the warranty period for lights?

    Lighting Carry-in warranty: LED downlight: 3 months LED panel/strip/tube: 3 months Normal bulb/tube: 2 weeks Do give us a call or a Whatsapp text before you come down.