Delivery and installation

  • Do you provide delivery?

    Yes, we do. $20 per trip charge for purchases below $500, and $10 per trip charge for purchases above $500. Due to the recent increase in transport costs in March 2022, we are unable to provide free delivery for now. There is no delivery on weekends because our delivery man needs a rest too. Inf...
  • Do you provide installation?

    Yes, we can arrange installation. We only provide installation for products bought from us. Labor fee is paid directly to electrician onsite in cash. Installation labor includes the delivery of items to your house, and the removal of existing lights or fans. If you'd like the electrician to dispo...
  • How much does it cost to replace a fan?

    Installation cost starts from $40 per fan for 2.7m or less ceiling height,  concrete flat ceiling, existing point with switch, no regulator, dimmer, centre panel. Installation cost includes delivery of the fan. If you'd like the old fan to be disposed for you, pls let the electrician know in adva...
  • How do I schedule the delivery and/or installation?

    Once we receive your order and payment, we will send you a Whatsapp text to schedule the earliest possible timeslot. You can leave a comment in the online website for your preferred days or timeslots. If you need to reschedule the appointment, we will appreciate advance notice of 2-3 days. We wi...
  • Can I schedule installation before I make payment?

    Yes, you can. Drop us a Whatsapp text at +65 8526 6676 and we will do our best to schedule the installation to your timing. We will check on the electricians' schedule. The electrician's timeslot is confirmed when we receive payment for the products. If we do not receive payment by a stipulated ...
  • Can I get an electrician to come to my place for a onsite assessment?

    For onsite assessments, electricians charge $30 per trip, or $50 per trip for Sentosa. They will be able to recommend on the appropriate fan size or lights for your place, and answer any questions you may have.
  • I bought my items. Can you install for me?

    Sorry, we only provide installation for products bought from us. We hope to get your support next time. Coordinating installation service is a service we provide to our customers.
  • Are the product prices inclusive of installation cost?

    The product price exclude installation unless otherwise stated. For products that offer free installation promotion, do take note of the terms and conditions.
  • How much does it cost to replace a ceiling light?

    Installation cost starts from $35 for the first ceiling-mount light, concrete flat ceiling, existing point with switch, no regulator, dimmer, centre panel. Subsequent lights will be at $8 each. Installation cost includes delivery of the fan and the removal of existing ceiling fan or ceiling light...
  • My condo management requires a deposit for installation works.

    Our electricians are unable to make the deposit payment. Kindly explain to your condo management that the electricians will just be installiing ceiling fans and lighting fixtures. It is not full-scale renovation. Most of the time, the deposit payment is not required after explaining to the proper...
  • What does basic installation include?

    Basic installation refers to the following: Concrete flat ceiling Ceiling height 3.2m or less Existing point with switch No regulator, dimmer or centre panel
  • When can the installation be arranged?

    Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm. The timing for condominium is 10am to 5pm on weekdays and 10am to 12pm on a Saturday. Please apply for installation permit from your condo management.
  • Why get installation service from Sembawang Lighting?

    Skilled: Our electricians have at least 5-15 years of electrical experience. Transparent Price: Quote is provided before installation. Itemized breakdown of work done. Punctual: Our electricians are on-time for the appointment. Good Communication: Our electricians are Singapore Citizens/ PRs who ...
  • Why is false ceiling fan installation so expensive?

    If you're installing a ceiling fan for the first time on false ceiling, it is necessary to have a supporting structure for the fan. The false ceiling support must be able to bear the weight of the fan. If the fan needs to be serviced or replaced in the future, there is no need to open up the fals...
  • Will the electrician take down the existing fan or light?

    Yes. The electrician will remove the existing fan/ light at no charge if the item is a standard size. If the existing light is too heavy, the electrician will charge an additional labor fee. The electrician also charges a fee to patch up holes in the ceiling, if there's any.
  • Will your electrician help me clean up the area after installation?

    We understand that installing ceiling fans and lights would be an dusty affair. To keep the dust to a minimum, you can hold up and  your vacuum cleaner to the area where the electrician is drilling. This helps to suck up the dust from the drilling works.